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What do you wear to a photoshoot?

First, make sure you're comfortable! Nothing worse then having to put on your best smile and being uncomfortable at the same time!!

Neutrals seem to work the best when not really having a clue on what you think would work for your photoshoot! You can't go wrong with neutrals!!

Also, if youre doing a group shot with two or more people in the photo, try to coordinate your colors with one another. This doesn't mean dress identical to eachother!!


If you have accessories available then you are more than welcome to bring them along!!

This includes item such as: Hats, scarves, colorful tights, etc.

What types of locations do we get to choose from when booking an appointment?

You can choose from either an outdoor location or at my indoor studio I have at my home.

If you have suggestions for a location I am willing to talk about it!! I will travel up to 20 miles, anything more than 20 miles is a charge or 50cents per mile.

At my home studio I have MANY different color backdrops and props to choose from! We will discuss certain details such as this when we have a consultation before the photoshoot!

I live next to BEAUTIFUL land which allows for amazing photos, If you have more questions about certain locations then just contact me and we can talk in more detail!

Should I bring anything with when I come?

Of course! It is not mandatory that you bring ANYTHING, but if you have something that you would like to implement into your photo, then I am perfectly fine with that! I always suggest to parents that is their child has a certain toy or blanket or something special that is significant in their life to bring it because it is always nice to hold on to those memories!!

I provide most of the props you see in the photos, but if you would want to bring something, just contact me before hand and we could certainly sort it out.

How long before my proofs are done?

It usually takes no more than 2 weeks for the editing of your images to be completed. Then, I will contact you and you will have a password to enter into your online eb gallery where you can view a slideshow and get to look at your images individually.

You will also have to enter the same password into the online gallery to purchase your images right off of the website.

This will be explained in further detail after the photoshoot.

How long before I recieve my order?

It will take anywhere from 3-4 weeks to recieve your print order once it is ordered.

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